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Morgan secures Chiltern League Title 2020

Morgan Hanson made sure she had an unassailable lead going into the final fixture of the Chiltern Cross-Country League.

Competing in the fourth match of the series at Keysoe (January 11th), Morgan finished a very strong third in the U20 Womens Division 2 race. With previous score, of 7th, 3rd and 4th, this means her mximum score for the series will be 17th poins , the total of her best four perfromances. As the overall winners are scored at the best of 4 from 5 meets, Morgan could still improve on this but it is impossible for her rivals to improv on her totoal.

Also in action at Keysoe were Roray Hilton (U13, 38th Mob match)and Jamie Shepherd (U15)

Full REsults to follow.


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