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Autumn Term Bookings now OPEN

We are delighted to announce that we are now accepting online bookings for our Autumn Term sessions for both our Main Squad and our Junior Sections.

While CoVid Secure restrictions stilll apply, we have developed our online systems to be more simplified requiring one simple action rather than weekly updates. Each venue has its own specific requirements and the latest version for each will be sent to you once you have completed the formal booking process.

At present our schedule is almost exactly the same as last year for our older athetes. However, at presen, we can only offer Junior sessions at Little Marlow and Beaconsfield; the session at Little Chalfont is on hold for the moment.

Current squad athletes have all been contacted with details of the Booking process. Youn will need to follow the link in "Roster Athletes" section of the website.

Prospective new athletes will be very welcome for a short period and on a First Come basis. Families should use the "Contact Us" form for further details.

England Athletics have also announced that cross-country races, in some form, will return in late October. We await more details on this but an outline fixture list is now available to provide some future plannng and better still some focus for the sessions.


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