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It is with considerabe sadness that we havebeen informed that Janat Barrow has passed away following a two and a half year battle with illness.

Janet and Leah Barrow

Janet, with all the members of her family, was a pivotal and hugely important member of the Squads Mnahgement Team for many years primarily looking after the Squads Finaces. before the family moved to thier origions in Cheshire. Janet brought great skills to her role and an incredible empathy with all of the athlete members and their families. Her easy good manner and charm were all emblematic of all the Barrow family as we came to know them.

She was also mum to one of our most successsful and unrelenting hard working athlete members Leah who competed for England in the 300m at the Schools International. Leah, while studying at Birmingham University, went on to represent Great Britain and joined Jenny Meadows training set-up.

We all still remember the evening at the Barrow's then home in High Wycombe when a departing bunch of athletes all bound for their first year at University held a celebratory supper hosted by Janet. Here Leah, Alex, Kieran and Chloe plotted their athletics futures. A wonderful night with fond fond memories.

Janet's funeral takes place today and we wish her family husband Mark, and Leah and Luke our deepestt sympathies and best wishes. We are thinking of you all today.


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