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Come on in.....

We have decided to make greater use of our website for all of our members so now will be a great time to SIGN UP if you have not already done so. We will be adding new content to the site every day for the next few weeks so keep checking back.

And the Forum will allow you to play a much greter part in getting involved with the squad's activities.

Inside you will have access to all the latest news and plans and you will be able to engage with oother members in a secure setting. Discuss meeting up for a run or session or find a training partner during Lockdown, pass on some tips for great bargains in local sports shops, advertise a pair of spikes you have grown out of and much much more.

Most iprtant of all, get all the latest session plans while we work within the strict guidelines of Lockodwn 2. These valuable links are only available on the website this time.

Simply go to the LOG IN box on the Home Page of the squad Website and complete the short Q & A section. You will be welcomed in within two minutes.

If you are already a member, check out out your password still works (and that you can rememberit). Update your profile so that other members can see it

We will only be accepting active members and supporters on the site so all apllications will need to be approved first.


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