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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

For the older athletes we are ow ready to accept bookings for our Event Specific skill camps over the easter vacation. Offered to students in School Years 6 to 10, these 80 minute sessions focus on a single event designed to prep the athlete for competion opportunities coming up very soon.

Whther you plan to take part in Schools Sports meeting or your local League or Open meet thesewill give you guidance about the evnt basics and for those with some experincve seek to take you on to the next level. Forstudents taking Athletic events in thier academic work this will give you the chance to get in som much needed practical experience.

You may attend as many sessions as you wish or just the event you are especially interested in. However, plaecs are very strictly limited: in most cases there will only be 8 athletes on most of the events. so yoy will need to book early.

The Full Timetable is given below. B sessions are as described - ideal for those with no or very little previous experience. However, all sessions will be tailored to the participants. Price is £8 per session unit.

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