The following are the options as they stand at present for next week's (2o - 26 July ) sessions. We cannot finalise wguch of these we will use until we get confirmation from the Track Managers Serco. At that time, you will then be asked to respond VERY QUICKLY to book your preferred options for the week.  Please check a wuick look at Options A and B to familiarise your self with your potential choices.


This is the preferred option which allows the most relaxation of restrictions and the most number of athletes who can attend at any one time. However, there will still be full CoVid compliant guidelenes to be observed.

PLAN B:   

Is the option as it stood until 8pm on Friday which requires us to ration the number of atlhletes who could attend the sessions at the Track. If we have to use this option then attendance at the Track will be by Invitation Only. 


This is the format we have operated for the past 12 weeks or so. 

Athletes will be free to book as many Hughenden Park sessions as they wish but will probably be limited to one at thetrack for the present. 

Session Plan Options.PNG