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  • When will TrackStars! Summer Camp 20222 be held?
    This year we are offering FIVE GRET WEEKS.. Week 1 July 25 to July 29 Week 2 August 1 to August 5 Week 3 August 8 to August 12 Week 4 August 15 to August 19 Week 5 August 22 to August 26 So each week sessions are available Monday to Friday inclusive , subject to a minimum number of bookings being received in advance of each week. If we do not receive enough bookings to proceed we will let you know at least 48 hours before the scheduled session(s)
  • What are the basic times for each day?
    Our core day starts at 9.30am and continues until 3.25pm We ask families to arrive between 9.20 and 9.25 each day to register. We break for lunch from approx 12 noon to 12.45pm. The break is taken on site under the supervision f the Leaders and will include some "Quiet" relaxation time. When collecting at the ned of each day, we ask parents / Guardians to arrive by 3.25pm. If you are delayed please contact the mobile Numbers you will be given on the Information Pack before the course starts.
  • Do I need t book for a Full Week?
    No, while you get the best value for booking for Monday to Friday, you can also book individual days or any combination of days and weeks over the five week period. All bookings must be done in the first instance and no later than 48 hours before the scheduled session. Once you have attended for the first time this year, you many then book additional days no later than 24 hours ahead of the session.
  • Where can I find more iformation about the structure of each day and the format of each week?
    Simply click on the link to "INformation Pack" on the previous page.
  • When does the Early Bird pricing apply?
    The basic charge for the course is £33 per day. However, we offer generous discounts If you Book and Pay for your places before July 4th you will receive an automatic discount of 10% on the following : * Full Week Rates * Full Week Rates for siblings
  • Do you offer any other discounts?
    Second and subsequent siblings in each family booked on the same week for the Full Week course will receive a £10 discount per child. So until June 30th, siblings will be £75 per child and from July 1st, £90 per child.
  • How can I pay?
    The best and easiest option is to do a simple Bank Transfer. Alternatively, you may by crefdit or debt card or by posting a cheque to us. All options are available once your ereach the Checkout section of our online store., where full detail
  • What age is TrackStars designed for?
    Boys and girls from the age of seven years up to 14 years old will find something to interest them at TrackStars! We will consider six year olds but only if they have a sibling alos attending. We cannot 6 years olds on thier own or any younger kids.
  • My child has never done any athletics. Is TrackStars suitable for them?
    Absolutely YES. The content each day includes a mix of skill learning suitable for the child's age and development, and also includes many games and relay events which will keep the youngsters active and help their fitness over the summer months. No previous experience needed.
  • My child has been a member of their school athletics club. Will there be anything for them during the course?
    Over each week, we will include new and innovative material that a school group will either not have the time to cover or may have too many youngsters attending at lessons. We will also try to identify the child's level of experience and introduce them to new material, relevant fitness training etc.
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